Form last few decade , the rapidly growth of internet comes in light. The individuals & corporate started using cyber space for there communication medium.The Commercial medium has brought a new set of intellectual Property. As the internet grows in the venue of business, The court will be called upon to apply the traditional legal principals to new avenues of commerce. The domain name dispute present such cases.

Domain Name :

Domain name is just name to memories, e.g. where hackplanet is just a domain name which links with a ip address by DNS (Domain Name System).

Domain Name System is a protocol which is a standards for how computers exchange data on the Internet & on many private networks. The DNS basic job is to find the IP address of the domain name like “” into an Internet Protocol (IP) address like That IP address Belongs to the server on which the specified domain name web pages are hosted.

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Most people have curiosity how to buy a domain name, Buying Domain name is always on first come first serve bases.There are tons of domain name register authorized by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) for providing Domain Name.For more you can visit

Domain Name Disputes:





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