Dos Attack for beginners Using Kali Linux


A denial-of-service attack is an attack in which the attacker knees down the website by increasing useless traffic on the website.

There are so many methods and tools for Dos Attacks, here is one of the easiest Dos attack method for newbies in the hacking field in easy steps.

Step 1: Copy the link form “Clone or download” button from website:

Step 2: Open terminal and go to Desktop

root@kali:~# cd Desktop/

Step 3: Download pentmenu

                    root@kali:~# git clone

Step 4: Open pentmenu folder

                                 root@kali:~# cd pentmenu

Step 5: Run pentmenu

                                 root@kali:~# ./pentmenu

Step 6:select option 2>Dos

Step 7: Select option 6>Slowloris

Step 8: Set Target URL (eg-

Step 9: Set Target Port (By default it is 80)

Step 10: Set number of connections to 10000000 or according to your need and press ‘y’ for using SSL/TLS

And attack starts , to abort attack press Ctrl+c.


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