How to spoof IP address in Kali Linux


IP spoofing is one of the interesting topics in hacking, there are tools and software to hide or spoof IP address in windows but in Linux it can be difficult to spoof IP address.

Providing you the best and easy method to spoof IP address in Kali Linux in 4 easy steps.

check your IP address at
It will show your public IP address

step 1: download VPNbook from

step 2: copy the zipped file on the desktop

step 3: open terminal and type command


this command will unzip the downloaded zipped file

step 4: type last and the final command

root@kali:~#openvpn vpnbook-euro1-udp53.ovpn

It will ask you username and password. As you can see on the website type
Username: vpnbook
Password: d4bmcut

wait for a couple of minutes to complete the process Don’t close the Terminal.
Once the process is completed again check your IP address Now it will show spoofed IP.


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