Spoofing means hiding one’s identity or faking the identity. In the same way MAC-Spoofing is the method or trick to hide the original MAC Address of a computer System and displaying a fake one.

Here is the best method to Spoof Your MAC Address in kali linux in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Open terminal and check your MAC Address by using command

root@kali:~# ifconfig wlan0

wlan0 is network interface it may differ on different systems if you are using virtual machine then use eth0

                                                  root@kali:~# ifconfig eth0

Step 2: Down the interface using command

root@kali:~# ifconfig wlan0 down

Step 3: Now for changing MAC address use command

root@kali:~# macchanger -r wlan0

Note*– here ‘-r’ stands for random, so this command gives a random MAC Address to the system

You can also give 48 bit MAC-Address of your own choice manually using command

                             root@kali:~# macchanger -m 4c:bb:58:4d:bb:53 wlan0

Note*– here ‘-m’ stands for manual and 4c:bb:58:4d:bb:53 is MAC-Address manually given

Step 4: Now starting the interface

                                                 root@kali:~# ifconfig wlan0 up


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